Alchemy + Symmetry Present Compliant Cloud Hosting, What You Need to Know

As enterprise organizations continue to leverage 3rd party cloud hosting services to drive greater scale, performance and economic efficiencies, IT leaders need to closely scrutinize their providers ability to deliver credible security and compliance capabilities. Failing to do so can be disastrous both to your bottom line and your professional reputation.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, fraud costs organizations an average of 5% of annual revenue, and a single incident costs $150,000 on average. But compliance penalties are often much more costly, running in the millions, and that doesn’t count secondary costs like lost business, lawsuits, bad publicity and professional censure.

During this webinar we’ll discuss the best practices and services you should expect from your cloud hosting provider, and how cyber security, application security and regulatory compliance are integrated practices that must come together to support a comprehensive corporate security posture.

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